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I started my business in 1997 after helping a good friend out with his wedding.  They were unable to afford a band or DJ and asked me if I could
bring my home stereo and a few CD's for his small reception.  I actually remember using a very basic  Radio Shack mixer and one strobe light to go
with my 5 disc changer, a Sony Disc-man and only about 50 CD's!  Luckily, I did have a rather nice Technics home stereo. It sounded good and we
had a lot of fun with a very small crowd.  After that, I was given a chance to play at the former Winner's Circle Bar (now Legends) in Geneseo.  We
played there and average of four nights a month for over two years.  Wedding were few and far between and most of our playing was done in a
tavern setting.  Quite honestly, I became tired of all the smoke in the bars, so I decided to focus on primarily weddings.  This is where I began
upgrading equipment and found my love for the business.  Not only do I enjoy meeting and working with people celebrating their big day, I also take
a real sense of pride in the memories we help create for the bride and groom.

Additionally, I have become quite disappointed at what other mobile DJ's charge for their services.  I truly believe that a DJ should have a
professional system (both sound and appearance), but not charge a ridiculous amount to their clients.  Too often I hear what someone paid for their
DJ and am shocked.  That is why we charge a basic flat rate for your event.  Because we charge by the night, there are no extra charges or a time
limit.   Finally, and I believe most importantly, we play all types of music and cater to your crowd.  I personally enjoy many different types of music and
have worked hard to transfer hundreds and hundreds of CD's to MP3 format for your listening pleasure.  We also do our best to keep up with the
new music every month through a music subscription service we subscribe to.  Let us make your night special with lights, music, and special gifts
for kids too!

Although we specialize in weddings, we have done many school events, anniversaries, & backyard party events over the last 18 years. Feel free to
contact us with any questions and please don't have to pay your DJ a great sum to get a great show.

Mike Geuns, owner
Boom Productions Is Not A DJ Firm Based In Chicago.
We Specialize In Weddings And Backyard Parties Within a 60 Mile Radius of Prophetstown, Illinois.