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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What type of music do you have?
A: With over 40,000 songs, we have worked hard to accumulate a wide variety of all types of music. Whether it's a school dance, wedding, 50 year
class reunion, or anything in between we are usually prepared to handle most any type of event. We also subscribe to the subscription service Nu
Music Traxx. This assures that we have the most up to date music to satisfy your requests. We also never download music illegally! All of our music
has come from our CD collection or from a legitimate MP3 site that charges per track. This insures the quality of the music we play.

Q :How much do you charge?
A: This is why Boom Productions was created. We feel most people pay too much for their DJ service. Therefore, we charge a flat rate based on your
type of event. There are no extra charges or hidden fees if your event runs longer than anticipated. You pay us one fee and it covers the entire event.

Q: If I book with you, do I have control over how the event is run?
A: Absolutely! After 18 years in business, one thing has become very clear. Our best bookings have always come through referrals. We strive hard to
make sure it is your show and not some "canned" event.

Q: Do you carry backup equipment?
A: We carry a backup for virtually every piece of equipment to every event.

Q: Do you carry insurance?
A: Actually I am an insurance agent by day. Therefore I carry one million dollars of liability everywhere I go. Obviously I feel insurance is very important
and I will gladly provide you with proof of coverage if you desire.

Q: Who determines how loud the music is?
A: No one other than the person who hired us will dictate the volume of the music. This is something that really bothers us and is very imporant. We
want people to enjoy the music but not feel that it was over done or hard to hear.

Q: Will I Receive A Contract?
A: Yes, this is a part of every booking. We will include all details pertaining to your event and this contract protects both parties involved.

Q: How many events do you do in a year?
A: Although this is not my main profession, we do approximately 20 events per year. I truly enjoy all types of music and working with all types of

Q: Do you takes requests?
A: Not only do we welcome them, we actually try our best to play your requests. We realize that a lot of DJ's fail to play the requests they receive. That
is why we strive to play them and continually ask for more. However, we do realize that not all songs are appropriate for all events.